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What is the path to transformation? Find out how the message and purpose of the great pyramid and the languages of science & religion, mathematics & art, geometry & native wisdom all unite and point to the power, purpose & potential of all humans to EN-LIGHTEN UP, escalate their energy and deify!

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Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Authentic Beauty Blog

What does the ancient pyramid have to do with your relationships, purposeful work, business operation, health and body weight and even you bank account balance? EVERYTHING! Become an Alchemist of every aspect your own life!

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Coaching, En-Lighten-UP business systems, Spiritual cleansing, Mediation, Groups work, Speaking and even Ancient tools of transformation will help you become the alchemist of your own life. 

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Latest Information from the ‘INCREDIBLES’ (Lily’s guides) on personal, local, national, global & universal  transformation taking place now that you have helped to create! 

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How To Transform Energy requires knowing how energy works

The MOST important first step to take is to KNOW how to discern the next level of TRUTH for yourself.  My work may not be the next step for you. to know what is…IS up to you! (Truth evolves based on the level you are on and want to go to next.)

Everything you see and do not see is nothing more or less than vibrating particles/waves of energy.

What causes energy to manifest into physical form is EMOTION or ENERGY-IN-MOTION. That is why motive is more important that method.

All emotions, thoughts and beliefs arise out of two basic emotions we call (but little understand) LOVE or FEAR. Love ALWAYS works, fear NEVER works (to bring us peace, freedom, fulfillment.)

LOVE is the least understood emotion (and in transforming energy, you learn it’s the opposite of what you thought it was!)

The primary emotions and subsequent thoughts/beliefs that control our lives are primarily subconscious. The way to making them conscious is to know how to mine for the source of all manifestation …negative and positive.

Fear is an energy which causes all disease, lack, poverty and suffering. It never works and is always a lie. So if you are suffering/struggling then this is a prime indicator that you have a false fear based belief.

As an energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions never go away. They must be transformed.

There are no shortcuts to transforming energy. There are methods of relief…which are great for temporary help but no shortcuts to permanent change. Unless of course…except when Supernatural intervention (which is what Lily teaches how to access.) The path of permanent transformation through is only as LONG & HARD as we CHOOSE to make it. Following the path of  
‘AlchemEnergy; The Song & the Science of Redeeming Love brings us great Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Authentic Peace, Freedom, Fulfillment & Beauty!’